Automatic stemcell culture system “YurikagoTM”

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Passage culture processes are fully automated!

Cell culture by hand work may result in various cellular qualities according to the skill level of the operator. The automatic culturing system “Yurikago” automatically carries out each step of passage culture, which results in no variation of cultured cells. Considering the operator’s posture and ease of operation, this system is designed with reduced height.

Manual operation Yurikago
Time and difficulty of operation High Low
Skill differences between operators High Minimal
Infection risk for an operator Middle Low
Bacterial/viral contamination risk High Low
Proliferation rate Same Same

Successful developments
– Culturing bone marrow-derived MSCs
– Smaller size (approx. -77% reduction)
– Culturing adipose-derived MSCs
– Disposable parts within the culture environment
– Culturing with serum-free culture medium
– Culturing on a 10 million-cell scale

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