STK® series, Serum-free culture medium for MSCs

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Good bye, “unknown constituents” and “serum risk!”
Reason for development

In regenerative medicine, cells are usually cultured in autologous serum (blood collected from the patient) or fetal bovine serum. However, serum composition may significantly vary according to individuals, largely affecting the quality, including cell proliferation capacity. In addition, the use of fetal bovine serum poses the risk of allergies to proteins derived from another living organism and virus contamination. Having considered that cells should be ideally cultured in serum-free media, TWOCELLS challenged and succeeded in development of serum-free culture media.

Advantages of the STK series

The serum-free culture medium STK® series for MSCs developed by TWOCELLS can culture MSCs without using serum in a series of procedures from MSC separation to bone differentiation. The users do not need to be concerned anymore about these problems or differences among serum lots. In addition, media of the STK® series are chemically-defined as the chemical composition is completely clarified, and thus, provide a very strong advantage in cell culturing, which requires high and consistent quality.


– STK® 1 is a serum-free culture medium developed for culturing primary MSCs separated from bone marrow, adipose, and other tissues.
– STK® 2 is used for passage culture MSCs after isolation. Cells cultured in this medium show an about 100 times greater proliferation rate than those cultured in conventional serum-containing medium.
– STK® 3 is used to induce bone differentiation. Bone differentiation may be completed as early as in one week.

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