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Maturity of product development Technology/product name Features Proposal for business application
Products to treat periodontal disease with BDNF Let’s regenerate! Let them regenerate! Restore your periodontal tissues lost due to periodontaldisease with BDNF! (BDNF; Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) Being co-developed with DENTSPLY International Inc. (USA) and Dentsply-Sankin K.K.
Cartilage regeneration material TEC We aim to develop a treatment for knee joint disease with TEC derived from synovial tissue! (TEC; Scaffold-free self-organized three-dimensional artificial tissue) Research and development is ongoing by theCentral Regenerative Medicine project. The first refusal right on a license agreement has been issued to Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Cavity prevention and treatment material Aml Eliminate cavities from your oral environment! Targets only degradation of cavities! Cavity prevention, dentistry products, and foods to prevent cavities, etc., equivalent to fluoride and xylitol
Immobilized antimicrobial agent Etak Gives an antibacterial finishing on artificial dentures! Antimicrobial property lasts longer as it is immobilized on the surface! Linen with antibacterial finishing Antibacterial paint, etc.
Antibacterial peptide /N81 Eliminates fungus with antibacterial peptide!! Get rid of Candida, Aspergillus, and Cryptococcus!! Athlete’s foot treatment drug Candida treatment drug Antibacterial goods, etc.
ABITAN Accurately measures radiation exposure doses that you may be worried about Internal dosimetry measurement kit, etc.
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