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We are proud to behave as members of TWOCELLS.

President and Chief Executive Officer / Doctor of Agriculture / Koichiro Tsuji
1.Management Philosophy

We aim to become the “global company of the 21st century which contributes to healthcare and people’s health in the world through regenerative medicine.”
In other words, we pursue the following four points:

(1)Pursue humanity
  (fight against diseases)
(2)Pursue sociality
  (promote widespread use of our products in the society)
(3)Pursue economic efficiency
  (contribute to medical economy)
(4)Pursue internationality
  (develop products useful worldwide)

2.Fundamental Management Strategy

TWOCELLS promotes the concept of “disease management: anti-disease strategy,” which can be achieved with regenerative medicine using stem cells.

3.Business Policies

TWOCELLS is a value creation company with platforms based on outstanding MSC research, integrated by development and marketing capabilities. Our core therapeutic areas are “Bone & Cartilage,” “Cardiovascular System” and “Central Nervous System.”

4.The Origin of our Logo Mark

logo This is the TWOCELLS logo, twocells, or ∞(infinity), symbolizing the infinite potential of medical technology and the tremendous hope it represents.
We continue to work hard for all our patients. In the future, the TWOCELLS logo Will be there in the smiles on the faces of recovered patient.

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