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Questions regarding our company
Q.Where can I get the information on the origin and acceptation of your company name?
We launched our company when we took part in the JST pre-venture business as a ‘regenerative medicine team for bones and cartilages’. The name of our company was named after ‘TWOCELLS’ of the team leader Dr. Yukio Kato (current director) at Hiroshima University and the sub-leader Dr. Koichiro Tsuji (current representative director). Please refer to the career summary page and the Origin of our Management Philosophy and Logo Mark page.
Q.Where can I find your offices?
We have the offices in Hiroshima and Tokyo. Please refer to Company profile and Access page.
Q.What is the current president like? Where can I find his personal history?
The president is Koichiro Tsuji. Please refer to Biography page.
Q.When was your company established?
It was established in April, 2003.
Q.How many workers do you have?
We have 46 workers. (As of April, 2018)
Questions regarding our business line
Q.What is ‘gMSC®’?
‘gMSC®’ is the name of the cell we registered as the trademark, and this keyword is very important to know our business. Please refer here for further information.
Q.What is the commercial strong point or the advantage of ‘TWOCELLS’?
Our advantage is the strong management combined with the strategic business administration and R&D. This company was launched together by the first-line business administrator responsible for the business strategy and the first-line researcher responsible for R&D.
Q.What is your business line in detail?
Please refer to the Business page.
Questions regarding our business policy and corporate strategy
Q.Where can I get the information on your management philosophy, fundamental management strategy and business policies?
Please refer to the Management Philosophy.
Questions regarding our accounting and finance
Q.When is the end of your fiscal year?
The end of the fiscal year is March 31.
Q.When will the financial statement be announced next?
We’ll announce it as the financial publication after the annual stockholders’ meeting.
Q.When will the annual stockholders’ meeting be held?
It’ll be held in late-June.
Q.Where can I get your share price?
We are the unlisted company, therefore, we don’t have the market price.
Q.Where can I buy your shares?
We are the unlisted company. General financers can not buy our shares because our shares aren’t on the market.
Q.When and how will you be listed on the Stock Exchange?
We’re trying to do now, but it is not clear when and how we will join it.
Q.Why do you try to be listed on the Stock Exchange?
Our regenerative medicine has two strong impacts. One of them is the economical impact, and another is the social impact. Because we try to cope with incurable diseases which we haven’t found any good remedies against. In order to make our regenerative medicine come true, it is very important for us to gain public trusts in our society. It is one of good ways to gain the trusts in our society that we get through the market screening and get listed. And, after getting listed, we want to reflect to our management the society’s evaluation including patients’ and the funds we can get from the evaluation through the market.
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