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Company Profile
Date establishedApril 23, 2003
Head officeHiroshima Sangyou Bunka Center Bldg., 11F , 16-35 , Hijiyamahonmachi , Minami-ku , Hiroshima City
Capital1,160 million yen (as of September 6, 2018)
President and Chief Executive Officer:Koichiro Tsuji
Vice President:Yukio Kato
Executive Director:Tsuyoshi Morishita

Daikichi Nakamura
Toshiki  Hiura
Kiyoshi Ozaki
Munehiro Naruto
Yasufumi Takahashi

Audit & Supervisory Board Member:

Minoru Morikawa
Yuichi Murakami
Fumiko Higashikawa

(1)Research, development, manufacture and sales of therapeutic genes, cells, drugs, diagnostic agents, chemical reagent and medical materials.
(2)Research, development, manufacture and sales of medical appliances and medical instruments.
(3)Research, development of genes, diagnosis methods, disease treatments and cell culture system. Manufacture and sales of related equipments.
(4)Development and sales of computer software systems related to regenerative medicine.


* external board members

President and CEO: Dr. Koichiro Tsuji


Be natural. Don’t be either frolicked, bloated, mourn, sulked, or over-strained. We want to proceed our prompts slowly and steady; with best efforts and never-give-up mind against failures, and the appreciation for the encounters or cooperation we get from others. I think it‘ll be nice when we live naturally for what they are.

Vice President: Dr. Yukio Kato


We once had many challenges to get over in front of us in order to proceed business, because the regenerative medicine was one of newest business fields. However, TWOCELLS had been established with many supports from the government, some well-reputed universities, etc. Therefore, we sense our mission to meet social expectations. (June 2015)
Very recently a number of pharmaceutical companies recognized cell therapy using stem cells as a promising new business target. Our company-TWOCELLS has special tools for mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) cultures such as chemically defined medium STK® series in addition to deep experiences on MSC cultures for more than 15 years. Taking this advantage, we will become a leading company in regenerative medicine, which undergoes the world-wide movement in the medical field. (September 2017)

Exective Director: Dr. Tsuyoshi Morishita

I had strongly moved in response to the earnest request that want me to apply my experience to our business development and human resource development, from our president Tsuji. I will do my very best for the realization of the regenerative medicine with fellowship.


Director: Mr. Daikichi Nakamura

I have learned the real meaning of our three important terms after joining TWOCELLS; “Company” as “fellowship,” ”Value-Creating,” and “realization of regenerative medicine.” Then, I decided to pass down these terms to our stuff in the future, and to make regenerative medicine come true for patient waiting the treatment.

Director:Mr. Toshiki  Hiura

IMG_3924-t2I have experienced the business in the automotive industry for 37years. Especially in last 10years I drove the business of the manufacturing company as CEO&CFO. The regeneration medicine is the new world to me. I, however, fully agree with the WILL of TWOCELLS and decide to join this team. I would contribute to accomplish the WILL utilizing my experience with the small fear and the big hope.


Outside director* : Mr. Kiyoshi Ozaki

写真(尾崎清)buTWOCELLS is highly evaluated as a leading company for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine industry in Japan.I believe that the keys of success are management’s leadership, employee’s motivation and support from stakeholders.I am very proud of being a member of TWOCELLS as an outside director and will make my best to contribute its success.


Outside director* : Mr. Munehiro Naruto

写真(鳴戸)Supported by many people, I have what I am now. I appreciate their support and I’d like to give them even a little more than what I was given by them, I eagerly hope so. I will not give up until I succeed in getting you to think profoundly it was nice selecting me as an outside director!
My favorite motto is “Brighten the World at Your Corner (Ichigu-wo-terasu)”.


Outside director* : Mr. Yasufumi Takahashi

高橋社外取締役写真_editedI think that the investors estimate the TWOCELLS to be a company having the potential that only embodies regenerative medicine in this country.
I make the most of knowledge, experience, and the connection learned by the development of the high molecular hyaluronic acid in joint disease and think some contribution can be done for the success.

Audit & Supervisory Board Member : Dr. Minoru Morikawa

As a member of Board of Auditors, I hope our company supply regenerative technology to human health and life through the customer satisfaction、and that it may also contribute to the social activity in a viewpoint of the environmental issues on global warming for the corporate social responsibility.


External Audit & Supervisory Board Member* : Mr. Yuichi Murakami

From the viewpoint of maintaining firmly the ground on impartiality, necessary for an audit & supervisory board member, I would do my best for continuous self-study and want to meet social requirements and trust.


External Audit & Supervisory Board Member* : Dr. Fumiko Higashikawa

東川 I will keep on doing my best as a company auditor in order that TWOCELLS can achieve success as a leader in the field of regenerative medicine, and have sufficient social credibility.


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