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Regenerative medicine using MSCs is a new technology that can be applied to treat diseases that have been difficult to cure so far, and its widespread use is awaited in Japan and in the world. When practicing this treatment method in individual hospitals, nonetheless, physicians need to carefully handle diverse issues, e.g., establishing a special facility that meets the stringent national standards or employing technicians who extract MSCs from the patients’ body tissues for pure culturing. The Local Hospital Regenerative Medicine project is designed for the purpose of establishing a technology to practice high quality regenerative medicine as advanced medicine without generating a skill gap among doctors and institutions, while developing, offering, and marketing the system, knowledge, and technologies required to practice regenerative medicine in hospitals. In particular, we developed “gMSC® ,” “STK® series, serum-free culture medium for MSCs” “automatic culturing system Yurikago,” “a safety testing system,” and “a regenerative medical system using MSCs to be employed in local hospitals,” while offering those products, technologies, and knowledge to medical and academic institutions for their researches.

gMSC® :
Quality standards on MSCs developed in a joint research between TWOCELLS and Hiroshima University. Cells from bone marrow, synovial tissue, and adipose tissue are cultured according to our standards and confirmed as MSCs by using quality markers, etc. gMSC® is a registered trademark of TWOCELLS.

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